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38958 Cypress Way
P.O. Box 1557
Gualala, California, 95445

Business:         (707) 884-1000
Studio:                 (707) 884-3000
Fax:                 (707) 884-1229

Email: thetide (at) (no direct link, we hate spam)

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Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements are a very important element of community radio.  We feel it's our duty to the community to share messages of important local interest.  The Tide airs live and recorded PSAs several times throughout the day. 

How PSAs Work At The Tide

You can mail, fax, e-mail, send it via social media, or drop off your PSA to the station in person.  There are no guarantees as to when, and how often your PSA will be aired. If you'd like a guarantee of your announcement, consider advertising on our station.

How To Write A Public Service Announcement

The printed material should be large enough to read clearly (at least 14 point font) and take 30-45 seconds to read.  40 to 80 words is a good range.

Unusual and foreign words and names should be written out phonetically...we're disk jockeys, not UN Ambassadors.

Keep in mind that a Tide DJ who does not represent your organization will be reading this, so it is important to write in the third person.  For example:  "They are raising funds..." instead of "We are raising funds..."

The Tide reserves the right to edit the text of PSA's for clarity and brevity, but we will not change the overall message.

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